Luxury condominium in Melaka first to have solar panels

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Sources from : 23 November 2018 -

ECO-FRIENDLY solar panels is set to reduce electricity bills for buyers of the Admiral Residences condominium project in Melaka.

Developer Tanjung Ratna Sdn Bhd and Solar Engineering firm I2 Energy Sdn Bhd signed an agreement to install solar panels at its premier residential condominium project that is currently under construction.

Once completed, Admiral Residences will be the first luxury condominium in Malaysia equipped with solar panels on its rooftops designed to have an output capacity of a 521.40 kilowatt peak (KWP).

“Our country is blessed with plenty of sunlight, which is very suitable for the installation of the solar panels due to the high amount of sun irradiance and sun hours,” said Tanjung Ratna Sdn Bhd chief operating officer Allan Chee.

Sun irradiance is the power per unit area received from the sun in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

Chee said once the solar panels were in place, it would generate 720,300 kilowatt hour (KWH) per year or the equivalent of about RM375,996 of savings per year.

He added that energy generated from the solar panels would be used in common areas of the building, and to power up the facilities within the premises.

“This will help reduce electricity bills significantly and bring down maintenance cost as the solar panels have a lifespan of about 30 years,” he said.

Chee said as part of its effort to reduce its carbon footprint, the solar panels could reduce about 760,000kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission, which was equivalent to planting 760 trees a year.

“This is also the developer’s effort in providing more value to the property buyer,” he added.

Sources from : 23 November 2018 -